A Vintage Buffet Gets a New Look for Autumn

IMG_9758Moss grows on the north side of the alley pavement behind my building and I brought some in last week in anticipation of missing everything green in January. I filled plant saucer pots with soil, pressed the moss inside and had fun displaying vintage cow creamers in their own little fields. On retrospect, it is easier and safer to buy dry green moss rather than use living moss. Living moss needs a lot of misting and watering to stay green, a recipe for disaster on a lovely wooden top. In this case, the lovely top is mahogany on a small buffet I brought back to life this week.

The top only needed a few coats of varnish. The base was sanded, primed and painted with Benjamin Moore Satin paint in Camel Back. The buffet measures 4 feet wide and is 18 inches deep; adding two shelves and two drawers to small dining rooms. It is enough storage for liquor bottles, linens and those serving pieces that are kept for festive gatherings. A felt-lined removable wooden flatware tray is original inside the top drawer for the ease of setting the table. The top has plenty of room to hold serving dishes or to use as a bar.

Cow Creamers displayed on a newly painted buffet.
Cow Creamers displayed on a newly painted buffet.

The last of the summer zinnias join a vintage Austrian squirrel.

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Ginene Nagel

Fox and Finch Antiques is my 16-year-old shop housed in a 1890 bank building in Richmond, Illinois. I live above the shop in a space with 11 foot ceilings, big windows and a 17 stair daily commute. Richmond is a pretty little town 16 miles south of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. There are charming historic houses, a wooden bridge and the wonderful Prairie Trail runs just past my back door.

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