Vintage Planters Re-Purposed for Christmas

Want a little Christmas joy in the office this year? My small Bottle Brush Tree Christmas Planters are the perfect size for desk tops, window sills, book shelves, or any place you would like to see a Yule-time harbinger of goodwill. Everything from the glitter to the tiny glass ornaments is vintage 1950’s. I searched for old ceramic planters that have a kitschy charm. So, rather than look for perfect planters, I placed more importance on their overall appeal. The emphasis was put into SPARKLY more than ornaments and the trees are drenched in sparkling old-fashioned multi or single color glitter.

Spray adhesive coated the bottle brush trees and made covering each little branch with lots of glitter easy. The bases are filled with florist foam which can be removed at some later point in time. I used small pieces of old-fashioned glittery snow blankets to tuck in over the florist’s foam, then affixed the tree with a hot glue gun.