Gift Wrapping Idea for Mailing a Small Present and a Snowy Road Trip with Janet

If you do a quick search on Google Images for vintage postcards, you’ll find hundreds from which to create a unique presentation package to send through the mail.  Print it on cardstock, wrap your small parcel,  and mail off the gift within a couple of minutes. I like the old style of embellishing letters and packages with the address incorporated into the design. My mom’s birthday present was on its way to Florida lickety-split. She is of French Canadian descent so I picked one that read Happy Birthday in French. I should have check the translation before picking a postcard. I thought I knew enough French to know that this read Happy Birthday. Well, I don’t and my message read: Happy New Year, Mom.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that one seller had a lot of postings on Craigslist, so I gave them a call and asked  if I could drive up and take a look at everything they were selling. On Monday night, my friend, Janet, and I drove to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The trip should have taken five hours round-trip. It took us ten hours. But after a grueling drive through blowing snow and icy highways, I bought home some lovely things for the shop. The seller had three nice vintage dresses which I wasn’t sure I wanted for the store because I don’t have a dressing room, so I offered to sell them for her on eBay and take a commission.

There is so much to admire about the clothing of this era, the design, the fabric, the beautiful tailoring. The quality is a testament to American manufacturing of that time. These dresses should be spectacular on a real body instead of the shapeless dress form. The black one in the middle is so Joan Crawford, isn’t it?

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