The Snowshoveler


Richmond had the loveliest snow fall yesterday. Around noon, seven-year old Maddie, from across the street, pushed the heavy front door open and asked if she could shovel for me. I like kids, especially ambitious kids, and I handed her the show shovel. This is nice, I thought, I won’t have to shovel the sidewalk today and Maddie will make some spending money. I called to her, “Come in to warm up if you get cold.” I waved at Maddie’s mother who was watching her from the apartment window. The shop was open and I was busy. Hours passed. She must have gone home, I thought, and I went out to find the shovel. She was still outside! Rosy-cheeked, hat-gone and nose-running Maddie was still outside working and she had moved all the snow from the three parking spots in front of the building…to the sidewalk!

3 thoughts on “The Snowshoveler

    • Betsy, It was interesting to me that you said that because when I went outside and saw her with her jacket wide open and her hat off, I thought, “I remember that.” Kids embrace winter and adults fight it. Lesson there, somewhere, huh?


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