A Sign of Spring

1930's Stone Lions
1930’s Stone Lions


Yesterday, the sun shone brightly and most of the day’s sales were for antique cement garden sculptures. These two 1930’s stone lions were kind of hard to let go. Aren’t they gorgeous? I like the way the paint wore and that they were being portrayed realistically. The modern cement lions often look cute or cartoonish. Just another reason to love vintage. Hope your life today is one spent in the sunshine.



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Ginene Nagel

Fox and Finch Antiques is my 16-year-old shop housed in a 1890 bank building in Richmond, Illinois. I live above the shop in a space with 11 foot ceilings, big windows and a 17 stair daily commute. Richmond is a pretty little town 16 miles south of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. There are charming historic houses, a wooden bridge and the wonderful Prairie Trail runs just past my back door.

11 thoughts on “A Sign of Spring”

  1. My husband & I spent a lovely day “antiquing” and eating alfresco Saturday. Today is turning out just as nice (71). Is it Spring, yet? These lions are VERY nice. I can imagine them guarding an entrance or on a lawn overlooking a lake. Classy.


    1. Joanne, Are you kidding me, 71 degrees? I can hardly remember what that is like as I am looking at my truck out the shop window. It looks like the tires are frozen in six inches of water. You should have seen my friend (a real gentleman) carrying the lions across the ice. If he slipped, they would have crushed him! I’m glad you are someplace beautiful.

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    1. Hi Sherry! I’ve been following you since I started following designer blogs! I’m a fan of yours, so it was so cool to see No Minimalist Here. I am still getting my feet beneath me in blog world, but I’ve got big plans.
      So nice to meet you.


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