And the Winner of the Green Grass Yankee Candle is…

...Joanne S

Joanne, your new candle will be shipped to you on Monday. Please drop me an email with your mailing address. My email address is And, I hope this is the beginning of a delightful spring and summer for you all.


JOANNE is the author of She is a Renaissance woman. Joanne designs and builds furniture, is an artist and a painter, a gardener, a writer, and, well, I think she can do anything. She would be good to have around if you were on a wagon train setting out from Kansas City and heading to California. And, she has a Boston Terrier that looks like he was chosen from a shelf in a Steiff toy store. Have a look at Douley as a puppy. He is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And, check out some of Joanne’s posts. You’ll get lots of terrific ideas.


Published by

Ginene Nagel

Fox and Finch Antiques is my 16-year-old shop housed in a 1890 bank building in Richmond, Illinois. I live above the shop in a space with 11 foot ceilings, big windows and a 17 stair daily commute. Richmond is a pretty little town 16 miles south of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. There are charming historic houses, a wooden bridge and the wonderful Prairie Trail runs just past my back door.

4 thoughts on “And the Winner of the Green Grass Yankee Candle is…”

  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you Ginene, I can’t wait for the fresh smell of spring! Thank you for such a generous recognition. I believe I’m in good company. ;)


    1. Well, thanks, Susan. You are the best. I guess we are all the same because you just changed your kitchen shelves, which I and everyone else thought were just perfect and I was thinking today that I’ve got to change that header picture. I also noticed the way you didn’t line the shelves up in a square and I thought that made them different from what people usually expect. I think positioning them that way leads the eye naturally to notice everything on them at a deeper level. I meant to tell you that today when I left my comment.


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