Flower Power

My kitchen is in what was the employee break room when my building was the town bank.  It is long and narrow, edged with a long sink on one side and two arch-topped windows with the hot water radiator in between on the other side. You won’t see my kitchen featured on a blog. You may have a hard time telling if it is 1940 or 2015 inside. I feel comfortable in my uncomfortable little kitchen. I paint, sand, glue and fix things here. Everything that is in it is a reject from the shop for its broken, repaired or cracked condition.  But, I’m not done playing with it yet.




The reason I came in here was not to show you the kitchen. I want my little antique shop enough that any inconveniences are easily over-looked.  Anyway, I want show you these tulips.

I’ve never seen a flower glow like these do and the scent is divine. Did you know  most  fragrant tulips are early blooming  types in the orange and red family?

I have to make a quick run to the post office to mail an eBay package. Come with me. It is close to the shop.


When I walk to the post office, I usually walk past this building. It used to advertise Gold Medal Flour on the side. One day, I called the corporate office for Gold Medal Flour in Minnesota, asked to be connected to the right department and then asked the representative if General Mills would possibly donate the paint so the town could  repainted the advertisement in a long-lasting oil paint. They said no because “Gold Medal Flour only donates to India.” That is what the woman told me.  I still think about that when I walk past the building.


This is the next home. The new owners did a fabulous job of keeping its best qualities. It looks so sturdy, doesn’t it?  I imagine that its owners feel safe during storms within its sturdy framework.


This house is the next house on my errand to the post office. I just turn left and  the  post office is around the bend.


Everywhere in town the sidewalks wear a layer of flower petals. Have your ever seen anything so pretty? The sign says that animals and people have a refuge on these grounds.


This little dog run leads to the front gazebo. Walking to the post office is interesting because there are short-cuts, back ways, and alternative paths…and it is only three blocks away.


My kitchen clock says it is time to get back to work.

I am remembering our uncle this Memorial Day, Capt. Donald August Peuckert, killed at the Battle of Saipan on June 15, 1944, at the age of 18.  Two thousand marines were killed that morning and before it was all over, the total number of people killed (civilians and soldiers on both sides) numbered more than 30,000.

Later, my grandmother received a letter from a friend of Uncle Don’s who was also there. He wrote , “It was such a beautiful, calm day that we would not have guessed that a war was going on.” Only now, when I am decades past the age my grandmother was then, have I learned from reading about that morning and the night before, that his friend wrote these words to comfort my grandmother and that they were not really true. I am glad she never knew truth.  It was hard enough as it was.

Wishing the world peace,