The Outdoor Movie Experience in December

Walking past the Olive Black Martini Bar in Richmond, IL. I love a good saxophone player.
Richmond, IL, Outside Movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” shown on 12/2/2017.
Richmond, IL, Outside Movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” on 12/2/2017.

Finery & Finishes Boutique and The Richmond Brathaus treated everyone to a unique experience last night. Throngs of people came out on an especially warm December night to watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” outside. People brought lawn chairs, blankets, sleeping bags, Thermoses and an optimistic attitude. It was really fun!

December at Fox and Finch Antiques


I put the exterior Christmas decorations together this year with garage sale ornaments, wreaths and garland. Plus, a lot of hot glue sticks and burnt fingers.


Every year, I make a wreath with vintage ornaments found over the summer. I was really lucky this year and found a large vintage flocked wreath to use.


My sister, Cindy, gave me two of these large snowmen. She is very creative and decorates the post office window in the tiny town where she works as post mistress. Sometimes she give me things she has used in the past.


I used found vintage planters again this year to make Christmas decorations  for people’s desks at work.


A rare 1855 school-house map.

Do you see the chair on the right side of the dresser? It was ignored all summer, until I had it recovered. I had a set of three Eastlake chairs upholstered in the same linen fabric but in red rather than blue. People say there is no market for Victorian chairs, but the set (one large and two small chairs) sold as soon as I put them in the shop. I quickly took a photograph of one of them as the people were carrying them out.


What I really, really, really want for Christmas….


Merry Christmas One and All!


Sehnsucht Christmas Memories


Decorating my Christmas wreath last week in kitschy 1950’s and 60’s ornaments brought nostalgic and bittersweet family memories  to mind.

There is a German word that best describes my thoughts that day. We don’t have an English word for it.  The word is:  sehnsucht.

Sehnsucht represents thoughts and feelings  about all unfinished or imperfect facets of life , paired with a yearning for ideal alternative experiences. Described as an individual’s search for happiness while coping with unattainable wishes. Such feelings accompany both positive and negative feelings.      -Wikipedia

It is sometimes felt as a longing for a far-off country, but not an identifiable place. Furthermore, there is something in the experience which suggests this far-off country is very familiar and indicative of what we might otherwise call “home.”

Sehnsucht is one of those German words with layers of meaning that the English “longing” or “yearning” can only hint at … a deep and intense feeling of something missing … something you once had or never had … an emptiness … a craving … a desire … a spiritual, psychological, almost physical need … that’s Sehnsucht …      -Willow Manor Blog

I’m going to put an audio book on, get cozy and  find something to paint.  Happy Christmas decorating!

Vintage Planters Re-Purposed for Christmas

Want a little Christmas joy in the office this year? My small Bottle Brush Tree Christmas Planters are the perfect size for desk tops, window sills, book shelves, or any place you would like to see a Yule-time harbinger of goodwill. Everything from the glitter to the tiny glass ornaments is vintage 1950’s. I searched for old ceramic planters that have a kitschy charm. So, rather than look for perfect planters, I placed more importance on their overall appeal. The emphasis was put into SPARKLY more than ornaments and the trees are drenched in sparkling old-fashioned multi or single color glitter.

Spray adhesive coated the bottle brush trees and made covering each little branch with lots of glitter easy. The bases are filled with florist foam which can be removed at some later point in time. I used small pieces of old-fashioned glittery snow blankets to tuck in over the florist’s foam, then affixed the tree with a hot glue gun.