Day Trip to Hippie Tom’s



The real estate taxes are due on June 4th. It can get pretty scary around real estate tax time, but the bills are paid and I have somehow managed for five years to work for myself during a pretty tough time in America. So, I’ve been taking time this spring to get out more.

I went to Hippie Tom’s Spring Sale in Waterford, Wisconsin, two Thursdays ago, and all these photographs are from his farm. The Serendipity Farm is absolutely beautiful. Tom has built a lot of cool buildings from parts of other buildings. All of them flow around the land in a pleasing way. The buildings (49) are quirky and charming. The landscaping is absolutely the prettiest I’ve seen, all expertly done to look like the plants and flowers came up in these spots on their own. The whole place is a photo opportunity. It is done so well, that a professional may have arranged everything. A lot of work went into making the buildings and ground look like no work went into it at all.




 I store my watering cans in the trees, too.


Quirky Fun!


Lovely plantings spaced all higgledy-piggledy through out the grounds.


Right down to the weeds left in the wheel barrow before the entrance,

I thought much of the farm looked like a set, but there was a real feeling of old hippie that is impossible to fake. I loved his place.


“Tom, this hat can’t be from the 1950’s, it has a zip code on the label!” But in fairness, I had my glasses on and he didn’t. He gave me a deal on the hat which I wanted to wear when I’m working in the flower gardens. Very fun place and he opens the gates to the public every spring.