Quick Autumn Decorating with Vintage Rakes

Here are just a few examples of the many vintage metal rakes I decorated this week to sell in the shop. I ask 12.00-15.00 for them and when a customer decides to change to something new they get a strong, good old-fashioned metal rake.





Everything is wired on so the removal is quick. Sometimes, I attach a vintage handkerchief with a fall feeling.



Since I was on a roll, I continued on with all the old shovels….we’ll see if anyone buys one!


Then I made fall arrangements. All my silk flowers are from thrift stores, garage sales and auctions. I have to go through a lot of old baskets of flowers before I find any that are a nice quality and clean.

Look at this funny idea I came up with last week to display inexpensive estate earrings and brooches on old playing cards. I always clean anything I find in box lots at auctions and polish them. If I think they are interesting, I keep them and the others are thrown out.  It is fun for people to go through them and find something for 8.00. It would have been cute to outline a heart or a crown with glue and then sprinkle glitter.


Enjoy these last beautiful Autumn days, my friends…my summer seemed to lasted about 15 minutes. I promised myself I was going to take more time off. I didn’t. I am thinking about going to the Wisconsin State Fair next Friday.  Think I’ll actually go?  I like walking through the show areas with the crafts and preserves and the best pie sporting a big blue ribbon. I told a friend who asked me to go out on her boat on Labor Day that “I am like a farmer who can’t leave the farm.” Well, even farmers go to the state fair.