Using Glass Cloche Domes to Display Collections

A favorite way of calling attention to groupings of “smalls” in the shop is to cover them with a glass cloche.  Here are a few vignettes I had the fun of putting together today. Bell jars are perfect for putting small mementos and collections out in the open  And the domes keep them dust free.

04-IMG_2764A Victorian Pocket Doll Sits in a Pan of Antique Miniature Ironstone Dishes


In this vignette, a tiny damaged doll and her rabbit sit on a pile of brightly colored linen luncheon napkins that I imagine as a grassy hill. An unused pair of tiny pink socks would be cute hanging from the large glass knob.

A collection of antique diaries raise a nesting bird within this cloche.


With a little imagination, two wooden bird game pieces watch over a mind-blowing number of dice eggs. A collection of vintage decks of cards with the Bakelite dice in jars would be better. I think this display is too whimsical for the shop.25-IMG_2788

A bone china pixie surveys her hoard of old keys.


Any small collection grouped together seems more important beneath a glass dome.


This collection of vintage Wisconsin souvenirs keeps reminders of happy vacation days dust free and in sight.


See-through Depression glass works well when hosting a simple collection of 1950’s buttons and colorful thread.


A small petal lady of the same era adds a little more interest.


Small toys in a neutral hue stand out when displayed on a jungle gym of green Depression glass.


In the same way, artificial raspberries and strawberries seem to spill from this tippy placement of bowls blending colors that compliment each other.